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Improving The Mental Wellbeing Of Your Workforce


Why join us?


Simple, because anxiety is the biggest mental health complaint in the UK and we offer a unique approach to understanding it and overcoming it.


There's a huge problem in the UK in helping people with mood disorders such as anxiety and we believe it's mainly due to a lack of ability to give people sufficient understanding. Let us be the people to give you that knowledge.


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Matthew Coleclough creator of the ARRoadshow programme takes us on a journey through his own experience with anxiety, his achievements in the the field of mental health and the making of this incredibly unique and informative programme.


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A unique journey


The Anxiety Recovery Roadshow is a uniquely designed programme designed to change the way that mental wellbeing is introduced to the workplace.


Written by former panic attack sufferer Matthew Coleclough the programme is designed to begin immediately helping those suffering, bring awareness to those who suffer in silence and also give a good level of knowledge to everyone regardless whether they suffer or not.


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