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The ARRoadshow programme was written by Matthew Coleclough who had personally experienced chronic anxiety himself in the form of panic disorder and agoraphobia. Matthew overcame his illness in 2004 and his experience, passion and dedication to help others achieve what he did has seen him achieve many things in this field. Matthew was involved in helping set up one of the biggest mental health charities in the North West (BIG in Mental Health) for which he received the Queens Award. He became involved in providing 'anxiety disorder' training for junior doctors as part of their psychiatric training in 2011 and since 2013 has successfully run his own therapy practice specialising in the treatment of anxiety-related disorders. Matthew's unique ability to help people overcome anxiety-related disorders has seen him help hundreds of people to achieve what he did.


It took Matthew four years to complete this programme which aims to give people a deep and thorough understanding of how anxiety disorders are established, prolonged and overcome. The programme is distinct in its format and delivery and will certainly give people plenty of pause for thought. Matthew's passion, knowledge and dedication, and that of this team, are second to none and each speaker is a trained therapist who has their own personal story with anxiety.


Our aim is simple - Increase the overall mental wellbeing of your workforce by giving a good understanding. We will make such a big impression on your staff that we promise this will be a presentation they will never ever forget.


There is a huge lack in our society in the ability to give people sufficient knowledge about these disorders and this is evident from the increasing numbers of sufferers being reported each year. Think of the ARRoadshow as a complete therapy course for each one of your employees which continues after the presentation by way of email.





ARRoadshow are delighted to be working alongside Proud2bsafe.


Proud2bsafe offer a unique approach to bringing good health and safety practice to the workplace. They deliver a very clear and powerful message which will certainly make a big impression on your workforce. Passion, dedication and uniqueness is why we believe our collaboration will be a strong and constructive one.


Matthew Coleclough says “Together, ARRoadshow and Proud2bSafe offer unique approaches to both health and safety and health and wellbeing and it is this common ground that unifies us both. Our vision and approach are what defines us and with the knowledge, experience and passion from our dedicated teams, we believe that we will change the way that these important areas are brought to the workplace”.


Jason Anker MBE, Founder of Proud2bSafe adds; “Our collaboration with AARoadshow is a fantastic opportunity for us both, as we at P2BS are keen to move into the health side of H&S. P2BS feel very privileged to be working more closely with The AARoadshow and Matt, who is a truly inspirational character, as we share the same values and unique approach to our specialised subjects and our collaboration will help us both achieve even greater things in Health, Safety and Wellbeing.




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