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By ARRoadshow, Sep 22 2017 03:30PM

A big thank you to North West Safety and Construction Group team and Claire Oakes for allowing us to introduce our programme. I think our unique approach to tackling mental health in the workplace went down well judging by the interest and questions asked. Thank you also to Sean O'Donnell and Marc Ewen who did our team extremely proud - talented individuals. The overall reception was extremely positive and great conversations were started! I spoke with one manager who shared a story of their anxiety, saying they felt lighter and hopeful after hearing the explanation of the neurological basis of Ill mental health! Thats what its all about isnt it! They carried on to say that the education part of the talk was very promising and would take back their thoughts etc to their workplace as follow on training and services were very much being thought about. A great day ... We don't just train you, we educate, we empower and we care and use our collective lived & shared experience to inform our service delivery. Looking forward to providing a refreshing and different approach to mental health and support for you all in the near future!

A truly great day!

Matthew Coleclough (Director)

By ARRoadshow, Aug 3 2017 04:20PM

Today we enjoyed our third ever (individual) Roadshow. This particular Roadshow saw Sean and Matt take the lead and most of the 44 people who attended had themselves experienced anxiety for a number of years. The feedback we received was as always exceptional and we believe we can hold our heads high and say that many (if not all) of the people who attended went away with a new level of mind and the determination to make good progress.

Highlights of the event saw Lead speaker Matt struggle to make 'any' progress during his meditation and EEG headset routine (which was actually quite funny considering how much meditation he actually doe!) and a powerful story of OCD by one of our visitors who had experienced OCD for the best part of 50 years!

These events are really moving and each one is unique in its own right. A thoroughly enjoyable and educational day for all and we wish everybody a good recovery.

Very best wishes

From Matt and Sean