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A therapy session like no other


This workshop aims to give a full understanding of how anxiety disorders are established, prolonged and overcome. They are run by passionate and dedicated therapists who them themselves have personally experienced anxiety and overcome it by applying themselves in much the same way - passion, experience and a shared knowledge is what sets us apart from other organisations and is what is key to our continued success. The workshops aim to take people on a journey through psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness to paint a clear picture of how and why anxiety is the UK's number one mental health problem. A full programme of recovery is included and ongoing email support is included as part of the package. The course is suitable for both sufferers and professionals.

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Whats included:


  • A 4 hour workshop explaining everything you ever needed to know about anxiety disorders - how they are established, how they are prolonged and how to overcome them!


  • Learn about pioneering world of neuroscience including an introduction to the latest in anxiety therapy 'EEG neuro-feedback' therapy.


  • A full guide to mindfulness meditation and a simple but incredibly effective (three-part) meditation regime which is paramount to continued well-being.


  • Ongoing Email therapy for the proceeding four weeks to help you fully intergrate your new-found knowledge.


  • Tea, coffee and refreshments.


Location and times:

Various locations around Manchester every month

* Required

Village hotel - Bury, Lancs

Matthew Coleclough - Speaker

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