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Our mission is a simple one - to reduce the suffering caused by anxiety-related disorders. We achieve this by bringing AWARENESS, KNOWLEDGE and RECOVERY from all anxiety-related disorders to the workplace to help improve the overall mental well-being of your workforce.


The ARRoadshow is made up of experienced therapists who themselves have had personal experience of anxiety and/or depression and overcome it. We are an extremely passionate organisation who aims to make an impact at every meeting and provide deep understanding from a unique perspective.


Our team provide presentations and workshops designed to help those immediately affected by anxiety-related disorders, bring awareness to those who suffer in silence and give a good foundation of knowledge to everybody regardless whether they suffer or not - everybody will gain something positive and constructive from our talks.




By choosing to commit to the Anxiety Recovery Roadshow journey, we promise that we will focus on supporting your workforce in continuing their journey to improved wellbeing, understanding and recovery.


We will continue to make necessary improvements on our resources and always strive to provide new and innovative ways for you and your employees to gain a better understanding and achieve improved mental wellbeing.





Improving the overall mental wellbeing of your workplace