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ARRoadshow promises to take your workforce on a totally unique journey regardless of size or industry, by explaining the fundamentals of all anxiety-related disorders. The programme delivers a clear explanation of how these disorders are established, prolonged and overcome and each talk is presented in a very detailed and distinct manner. The ARRoadshow promises to be a positive and uplifting experience for all of your workforce and aims to leave a very deep impression on their minds.


Think of the ARRoadshow as a therapy session which addresses important issues and highlights key points throughout helping to provide a deep understanding and essential skills that we should all have in our lives.


The programme stands out from any other in the field of mental well being, not only in its content and delivery, but also in its aftercare - we send continual emails to your employees after the presentation to help reinforce the information learnt and keep them on the road to continued mental wellbeing.


It is the moral obligation of any company regardless of size and status to support the mental wellbeing of each of their staff and this in turn this will undoubtedly benefit the company. When people are mentally well its helps to create a happier workplace whereby people are more likely to perform more safely, efficiently and productively.


Our journey is simple to follow. The time scales are chosen by you to suit your companies schedule and we have lots of additional programmes to help reinforce the understanding from different points of views - each programme unique in its own right. We can also tailor a programme to suit your requirements.


Our ultimate aim is to increase the overall mental wellbeing of your workforce.


- Packages can be tailored to suit your needs.

- Affordable low cost.

- Includes continuous therapy to each of your employees for the proceeding 4 weeks..

- Membership to our Facebook support page for continual support.


Improving the overall mental wellbeing of your workplace